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Abstract—This study explored the psychosocial factors influencing students' academic performance in a rural college. It employed a quantitative approach through descriptive design. Questionnaires were used as data collection tools. One hundred and fifteen respondents were conveniently and purposively sampled from a rural college. The study used descriptive statistics to determine frequency and percentages to analyse quantitative data. The findings revealed that psychological and social factors could influence the students' academic performance in a rural college. This recommends that postsecondary institutions: TVET colleges and other higher education institutions should develop programs and create student support systems that can help enhance academic performance, course completion and manage psychosocial factors. 

Keywords: Academic performance, Psychological factors, Social factors, Rural college, Technical Vocational Education and Training

Zwane, N.P. & Mukuna K.R. (2023). Psychosocial factors influencing the academic performance of students at a rural college in the Covid-19 era. International Journal of Studies in Psychology, 3(1), 6-12. https://doi.org/10.38140/ijspsy.v3i1.897.