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Abstract—This paper investigates a theoretical approach to career adaptability and emotional intelligence on work engagement among employees in the Education sector. This paper presents a theoretical framework of the career construction theory of career adaptability. It discusses the literature review on career adaptability, emotional intelligence, and employee engagement as conceptual literature. This paper ensures that readers, scholars, and researchers get the values, knowledge, and skills necessary to lead successful lives and contribute to the growth of the education sector in South Africa. It advocates for providing every scholar in school and the classroom with a high-quality education.

Keywords: Career adaptability, Emotional intelligence, Work engagement

Swart A.S. (2023). Career adaptability  and  emotional  intelligence  on  work  engagement  among  employees: A theoretical approach. International Journal of Studies in Psychology, 3(1), 38-44. https://doi.org/10.38140/ijspsy.v3i1.909.